Connected Health / iDAAS (Intelligent Data as A Service)

Connected Health / iDAAS is all about transforming the way the various types of industry supporting healthcare delivery can interact with data and information. iDAAS can be viewed as many things due to all the capabilities it enables. While it does so many things the main driver for iDAAS is about enabling organizations to make data a product and build assets on top of it. Because "Data is the asset!!!" iDAAS is about enabling information for knowledge that can be used for action in a secure and scalable manner. iDAAS is a powerful healthcare industry design pattern/framework that is a blue print for connecting, processing and leveraging clinical, financial and life sciences data at scale to build solutions for today and tomorrow in a consistent manner. It inherits from upstream efforts such as Camel, Drools, Kafka/Strimzi and Kubeflow, and is the foundation numerous customers and other frameworks efforts and offerings.

Everything from this effort is published onto Git Hub through our organization. All code is available with Apache 2 License!!!

We also have enabled a chat area for anyone to access at .