Connected Health / iDaaS (Intelligent Data As A Service) Architecture


As you saw on our main page in the Design Principals section we wanted to ensure a very sound set of principles with anything that we helped develop, or deliver to the healthcare market. As it turns out we did not have to develop much at all, it has mostly been about taking the amazing contributions of dozens of organizations, consultants, and architects. We focused on delivering our capabilities whle shaping the assets into what the healthcare industry could leverage. As this effort was going on we world started to struggle with the Covid-19 pandemic and shortly after this started the US healthcare system was needing to address the CMS Interoperability Final Rule.

Conceptual Architecture
As we looked at the contributions and all the principals we had we quickly took stock of how many Red Hat customers were leveraging these capabilities. With such a wide variety of healthcare business leveraging these existing capabilities we moved to q high level conceptual architecture of what the iDaaS platform looked like:

Extensible Architecture
After validating and vetting the high level conceptual architecture of what the iDaaS platform looked like we started constructing a physical architecture focused on scale, reusability, and extensibility. A key part of this extensoble architecture was reusability. As we focused on reusability went back and were able to not only validate our capabilities but also ensure the capabilities were able to address the industry needs.